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Mulch, Topsoil, Rock and Landscaping Materials

Mulch is an essential aspect of any home’s landscaping

Mulching is a huge benefit and should be part of every lawn care plan. Mulch prevents soil from becoming compacted from the rain as well as preventing weeds from growing. Along with retaining water, It can also act as a form of temperature regulation and helps improve the nutrition of the soil.

Mulch Gives your Landscaping a Uniform and Beautiful Appearance

Keeping your home looking neat and attractive doesn’t just apply to the interior of your house. A well-landscaped yard gives every home instant curb appeal transforming the overall appearance. Mulching keeps your landscaping well defined and clean. Let Acadiana Landscape Materials keep your yard looking sharp all year long.

There are a wide variety of different colors and materials of mulch:

  • Chips
  • Stones
  • Wood Shavings
  • Straw
  • Bark Chips

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Get Landscaping Materials Delivered to You!

  • Various types of gravel
  • Garden mix
  • Mulch
  • Topsoil

Looking for a reliable supplier for all your landscaping materials? Turn to Acadiana Landscape Materials LLC for top-quality topsoil, rock, mulch, and other landscaping materials at competitive prices.

We Provide Topsoil for Healthy and Vibrant Landscaping

Topsoil, or the outermost layer of soil, is the foundation of any successful landscaping project. It contains all of the necessary nutrients that plants need in order to grow properly. Topsoil is where plants concentrate a majority of their roots. Allow our trained professionals to follow the steps required for attaining a beautiful yard.

We provide a wide variety of rock and gravel for all of your landscaping needs!

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  • Toby and his crew are always there when you need them!

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  • Top notch landscaping service! Great work, quality service and fair pricing. Search no further!!!

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  • Great customer service. They sold me granite to fix my driveway because the weather made it all was muddy. Lowest price after checking a few vendors fast and great friendly service. Thank you!!

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    Sal M. ★★★★★
  • Added rock garden around my pool. Great work, honest and excellent service.

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  • I see their work all over Lafayetre and it is fantastic!

    Chris L. ★★★★★
  • Would definitely recommend! Great work and great service! I couldn't tell where they ran any lines or removed any of my landscaping! Thanks guys!

    Brandy S.
    Brandy S.
  • I would absolutely recommend Acadiana Landscape Materials! I contacted Toby for an estimate on my new construction landscaping....after meeting with him and describing my vision he quickly got back to me with a price and a sketch of exactly what he had in mind. A few weeks later our vision became a reality and it is just what I wanted. I extremely pleased with my new Landscape!

    Lynn H.
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  • Toby and his crew are always there when you need them!

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    Paula T. ★★★★★
  • They always have what I need and have amazing staff!

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